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The Resources Training Council provides a range of advisory and consultancy services to Industry and RTOs. Our Executive draws on years of knowledge and understanding of Industry and RTO management to help you reach your quality, compliance and operational objectives.

Site training evaluation.

Our advisers work with you to assess and measure your site’s training management systems against relevant industry standards and applicable mining legislation.

We confirm that all associated site activities conform to the requirements of the mine site’s training management system. Our advisers will spend quality time on-site with you to gather information for your evaluation. They will use their industry experience combined with diagnostic tools to investigate key areas of your business and will deliver a final evaluation report that divides feedback into the three following categories:

  • Industry Leading Practice
  • Industry Acceptable Practice
  • Opportunities for Improvement

The Process (Time):

The evaluation will be conducted in three stages:

Preparation: Desktop audit conducted prior to site visit (typically two days)

Site Visit: Evaluation opening meeting, the evaluation of site documentation, electronic data and training practices, face to face interviews with a cross section of site personnel, sample inspections/observations to confirm system compliance, exit briefing covering major issues and strengths and recommendations for immediate opportunities for improvement. (two advisors over two days, depending on size of organisation).

Report: Final evaluation report written (two adviser days).

Final evaluation reports will be delivered within 14 days of completion of the evaluation.


  • RTC Member $900 + GST per advisor day

    • - PLUS travel (including car hire if necessary),
    • - accommodation
    • - meals
  • Non Member $1200 + GST per advisor day

    • - PLUS travel (including car hire if necessary),
    • - accommodation
    • - meals
  • Preparation and collating documents

    • Prior and after evaluation - typically 4 days at $900 per day.
  • RTC vehicle travel rate

    • If within driving distance, RTC vehicle travel at a rate of $0.66 per kilometre.
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Professional development workshop.

Appropriate training will assist a company to meet their business objectives and improve safety and productivity.

The Professional Development Workshops have been designed for training professionals working on mine sites. It aims to develop the strategic skills and knowledge required to:

  • Align training with business objectives.
  • Integrate training with other business activities (for example, HR and safety).
  • Meet the legal requirements for training and assessment including –
    • Safety and Health Management System.
    • Training Scheme / System.
  • Identify appropriate national Training Packages / units of competency.
  • Identify appropriate assessment strategies.
  • Conduct a training needs analysis –
    • Identify site competency requirements.
    • Identify site positions / roles.
    • Conduct a gap analysis.
  • Selecting an appropriate Registered Training Organisation (RTO).


  • Members

    • - $900 per day
  • Non-members

    • - $1500 per day
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Trainer assessor mentoring program.

The trainer assessor mentoring program is designed for training coordinators, training advisors, training superintendents or training managers who are new to the role of training, or experienced training professionals new to the industry.

The intent of the program is to ensure the site training professional conducts or manages all training on site in an appropriate manner to be able to measure gains in the bottom line for the company and the individual learner undertaking training.

The content of the mentoring program will cover the topics listed below. However, this list is not exhaustive and will be adapted to suit each individual and the level at which that person operates.

The mentoring program will be assessed on a continuous basis and an evaluation conducted to ensure compliance with all aspects of the industry training requirements. The program topics will be initially assessed as to the knowledge and skills of the client to determine depth of mentoring required.

Depending on client needs, the program will be based on:

  • Aligning training with business objectives.
  • Integrating training with other business activities (for example, HR and safety).

Areas to address where required:

Training Legislation (Vocational Education and Training)
The client to be able to demonstrate a good working knowledge of the VET system to ensure all trainers are able to work with training providers and to determine quality and compliance awareness when using RTOs to deliver training.

Resources Industry Legislation
The client needs to be fully aware of legislation relevant to the company where they work. Legislation is designed to enable systems to be put in place and followed. The client needs to demonstrate a good working knowledge of any and all legislation associated in the industry they work.

Training schemes/systems
The client’s industry will determine what scheme or system they use, or whether they actually have a formal system. The client needs to be able to demonstrate how they interpret the scheme/system, how to implement it and how to maintain its currency.


  • - This a program that will be customised to the specific needs of the client.
  • - Price will be dependent upon requirements.
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