May 12 Fri

Certificate III Whitepaper submitted to Queensland Training Ombudsman.

The Resources Training Council met with industry watchdog and Queensland Training Ombudsman Geoffrey Favell yesterday to present a whitepaper that raises concerns about the delivery of the Certificate III in Surface Extraction in Queensland.

Industry and marketplace research conducted by the Council and documented in a whitepaper reveals that there are RTOs in Queensland delivering the Certificate III in as little as eight days when the nominal timeframe is 24 months, according to the Queensland Department of Education and Training’s website.

The Certificate which consists of 13 units of competency provides training that reflects the role of employees in surface extraction industries who use mobile plant or work as production operators.

Resources Training Council President Mr Jim Munro said that he was committed to resolving the issue.

“Our goal is to ensure that the Certificate III in Surface Extraction is delivered in reasonable timeframe to ensure learners gain the competencies specified in the training package,” Mr Munro said.

“Any RTO not compliant with accepted government and industry standards should not be eligible for government funding,” he said.

Mr Munro said he had presented a strong case to Mr Favell who shared the Council’s mission to deliver better training and safety outcomes for workforces in resources and associated industries.

“There’s no doubt our concerns have been taken on board and that there will be positive outcomes from our meeting including the opportunity to participate in any government funding reviews for future RII initiatives,” Mr Munro said.

“In the meantime, we will be meeting with ASQA next week to draw their attention to this issue. Given our shared vision, we’re confident we can all work together to protect and support learners trying to get a start in the resources industry.”

Download whitepaper.